My visit to Spellbound Sky: I asked the Universe and it delivered

Back in August, I went back to Cali but I never shared one of the coolest experiences I had, my visit to Spellbound Sky with my bestie! I had been collecting crystals and using them daily to manifest and help me grow and heal. It’s been an amazing experience but still I hadn’t been to the place my bestie spoke so highly about Spellbound Sky. I also didn’t expect to fall in love with something the Universe would soon deliver!
Spellbound Sky was this magical place my bestie spoke about. All I knew was they had amazing crystals and dope people. My bestie was right! I went to Spellbound and fell in love with everything!

I came home with more to add to my collection and more to gift my girl with! Little Lady and I really bonded over our love for crystals. Remember when I shared our crystal collection? Ya, amazing!

But it was at Spellbound where I fell in love with this one crystal haired troll and I knew I had to have him! Sadly I didn’t leave with him but I asked the Universe to deliver and so the Universe did!

For my Birthday I received Chonie, my Quartz haired Troll, along with some other goodies! My collection just keeps growing!

I wanted to share my visit because today I was reminded that when you believe and ask, you receive! After a great new moon journal entry yesterday I’m feeling uplifted and motivated!

I also remembered that tomorrow I’m saging my house. More on the saging later but I’ll say I’m finally using my white sage that I picked up in August too!

Anyways, here is a short video of my visit to Spellbound.  It was a memorable visit and I loved meeting Martin who explained every crystal to me and made my visit warm and welcoming. I can’t wait to visit again!

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