Dear Santa We Want a Pacifica for Christmas

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by FCA US; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.


Imagine a ride where the kids are quiet being entertained in the back seat, a view that is not only front and center but also above you so you don’t miss the fall leaves, a controlled climate for everyone, and a place to stow Christmas gifts for that special someone riding with you. YA, we clearly fell in love with the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. 

Check out this video to see why we loved the Pacifica!

I think we are officially ready to be a MiniVan Family!


The Chrysler Pacifica was delivered and we had a lot to do for the holidays. I’m usually on the go anyways I have the kiddos doing school things and the hubs is also currently in college. We spend a lot of time waiting for the hubs to get out of class. Usually, we do homework and reading in the car but when the kids are done early I have to get creative to keep them entertained. 


The kids loved being able to watch movies and play with the apps. Gone are the days where my girl was asking me how long was it going to take to get to our next destination. My map navigation linked easily with an app for the kids to see our trip progress. They also had fun playing chess against each other from the comfort of their seats. 


The hubs and I didn’t compete over who controlled the temperature in the car  all week. Climate control is huge for us. I love my space cool and comfortable while he prefers to be very toasty. I’m usually rolling down my window every 5 minutes to catch some fresh air but in the Pacifica, I even took advantage of the comfort and napped! 


Best of all I wasn’t a nagging mom all week. I didn’t have to remind the kids every moment to make sure not to drop crumbs. At the end of our trips they were happy content and even took out their belongings and trash. I was a happy mama. Every morning I made an excuse to go out to the van and vacuum with it’s built in cleaner. I was such a happy mama too!


The hubs on the other hand, loved the no hands assistance. He used his foot every chance he could to open the side doors and back door to load our things. 


And the automatic buttons that helped fold and move seating was awesome. He loved riding with the back seats folded down for extra room in the rear. I loved how easy it was to load and unload our holiday groceries. 


Overall, the Chrysler Pacifica left our family wanting one for Christmas. I’ll be asking Santa to make it happen!

Make us a Minivan Fam Santa!!!!


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