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If you’d ask us who does what at home you’d be surprised to learn we don’t have a traditional household. The hubs and I share the role of home-maker in our family but really he’s been homemaker of the year. As I reflect on our year, he’s been such a huge part of all our family accomplishments.  I have a patient, supportive, loving husband. He truly makes our family whole! He never puts gender or labels on our tasks and our family is extremely lucky to have someone who supports us in all the ways that he does. 


While I’m a WAHM I often travel and work long hours on the computer. That means I spend a lot of time away from my kids and husband. My husband, Marcus, is my team partner. He really is. Where I can’t take the time to do things, he picks up without hesitation. He makes sure that things get done in our home. He simply is there ready to get into action. 


He’s a working student and I’m lucky to have him home as much as I do. He’s passionate about photography, so it’s rare to find him in front of the camera. He’s a behind the scenes kinda guy. This is why I feel it’s important to lift the curtain and tell you all the ways the hubs makes us our family whole and happy.


He’s always been involved in making sure our kids see that both parents can do anything. I still remember how easily he handled our babies when they were first born with no fear of diapers or spit ups.  He’s just that kind of partner. Now he takes on cooking dinner, cleaning the house, doing yardwork, and yes even laundry.  These aren’t gender-based roles in our family. Everyone pitches in and everyone benefits. 


It’s rare I do catch him in action but he’s really the wheels on our family train. He’s great at doing Little Lady’s hair too. He makes the best dinner (if you ever come over he makes a mean chili ), and he’s up for school events, homework with the kids and has the best voices during story time. 


Thank you love, for all that you do!  We love you! 

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Who is the Maker of your home?

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