Surprise: The kiddos were surprised on Christmas Day

Ya! Surprise! We’re expecting a little baby! I’m already 3 months pregnant and it still feels unreal. On Christmas day, We finally decided to share the news with family and friends but especially our two kiddos. Little Lady had been asking for a baby sister since

Little Lady had been asking for a baby sister since November. I truly believe was kid intuition. She kept saying “I’m asking Santa for a Hatchimal, hamster, and a baby sister. I had to watch my face a few times because I was so shocked and wondered if she may have overheard the hubs and I talking but nope she clearly had no idea!

Hi Big Brother Big Sister

I knew I would be having an ultrasound and I’m next Doctor appointment which happened to be 5 days before Christmas. I had already ordered a few baby items so I told the hubs we should surprise the kids with the news on Christmas day! 

I took the baby clothes put it in an empty box and added the two ultrasound photos (or as Little Lady calls them Contraction pictures) I received at my appointment.  I wrapped it up and didn’t put a name on the box. All morning the kids had been asking whos gift that was and later that evening we finally revealed it was a surprise for them.  

expecting a little baby

I didn’t expect the kiddos to not believe us. Little Man is so much like daddy, unbothered by the news and a simple smile lets me know he’s happy about the news. Don’t expect big reactions from my boys they’re chill like that. Little Lady though, from 11 minutes of footage we show you less than 3mins. She had me crying with her as she explained how excited, nervous, happy, and anxious she was to meet out little baby. Both kiddos have been super sweet especially as I go thru some rough vertigo spells, some pregnancy changes and of course morning sickness. 

We won’t be finding out the gender of Little Baby. We truly hope we can wait until his/her birth day to find out. We feel extremely blessed to welcome another baby to our family and can’t wait to share our journey to a family of 5 with you! 

Stay tuned Little Baby coming July 2017

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