26 weeks pregnant and counting


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We’re almost in the home stretch!!! 26weeks and only a couple more before I hit the 3rd trimester. It’s all getting so real and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have new parent butterflies. It’s been 8 years since I was pregnant this far along!!!! DIOS MIO, what were we thinking? Well, no regrets! Little Baby will be here in no time and we are all so excited!

mama monday

Now that I’m entering the home stretch all the fun things are happening so I want to document them here while I can. Can you believe this is the first time I’ll be sharing our pregnancy journey on GUBlife? So wild to think I started this blog when Bailey and Cecilia were 1 year old and 4months! So I thought it would be fun to start a new series, Mama Monday! What do you think? Can it stick?

The Bump 

GUBbaby-the bump

The bump is finally there and when I stand and walk around it’s still there! I was thinner during my last pregnancies and the bump was noticeable sooner. It took a while this time around especially since Little Baby has been hanging way low. This week tho, it feels like Little Baby hit a growth spurt. Suddenly the bump was there. It’s been hard and pointy. 

Anatomy Scans (yes more than one because Little Baby is difficult) 


Today we went to our follow up scan. I was beyond nervous because I felt so much wasn’t being said. They reassured us before this appointment but still, I felt uneasy. The only mention was that they needed more profile scans. When I showed up to the appointment today it turned out Little Baby stayed in a curled position leaving doctors unable to get a clear image of the profile, hands + fingers, the heart, the cord! But today Little Baby cooperated! With just a couple of wiggles, we were able to do the scan in 30mins vs 2hrs! We also learned baby likes to lick and suck hands much like big brother, Bailey. We also noticed baby had hiccups and it was too cute. 


But here is where it got weird! The profile pics were always skeletal it wasn’t until one of the last images actually showed us chubby cheeks and button nose. The tech couldn’t get a clear image but when she did I was happy because all the others were frightening and made me worry if something was wrong. She reassured me baby moved tons and was curled up so it was very hard to see. But those cheeks oh those chubby cheeks and the hand waves eased my heart. Baby is growing strong and we can’t wait to meet! 

I’ll be back next week with my pregnant journey + Little Baby updates 


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