Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

easter basket ideas for boys

The kiddos are getting older and surprising them is getting even harder. Marcus and I have had a few weeks of shopping and hiding bags in our home in hopes of still surprising our kiddos before easter. I wanted to share some Easter Basket Ideas for boys in hopes of inspiring some last minute shopping for your kiddos.

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Bailey is soon to be 9 this summer. His personality, interests, and favorites quickly have changed. He’s grown to love certain books, games, and plushies.

This year we grabbed big golden eggs in lieu of baskets. They seemed big enough but not so much now with all the goods.

Gamer lovers

easter basket-boy-mini games

We found this cool pocket keychain Donkey Kong Junior game at Toys R Us. Bailey loves video games but this was different and took Marcus and I way back. It was a must have and a cool alternative to a DS game or Xbox game.

I mentioned he loves plushies too. Bailey loves playing his Pokemon games as much as he likes the plushies. He’s been collecting all the plushy poke balls and this one was one he doesn’t have. It’s amazing the variety of things they have in plush form nowadays. You can find Poke balls at Target.

Books and Collectibles

easter basket-boy-books-funko-pop

Bailey enjoys reading Yo-Kai Watch books. They are MANGA style books and he only has two. I went ahead and picked up the next two at Barnes and Noble. Books are a great item to add to any gift for kids.

We also got him a Funko Pop. I have my own collection and he’s only asked for one when Plants vs Zombies had an exclusive at Target. So we picked this one up for him at Walgreens when my bestie recommended it. Her son is a Pop Fanatic and knows all the things about Pops so Check him out!

More Plushies

easter basket-boy-plushy-mario

The Super Mario Plushies are too cute not to pick up. Target had new ones in stock so we picked up these two that Bailey didn’t have. If your kids are into Minecraft, Plants vs Zombies, or my favorite Harry Potter stores like Target and Barnes and Noble carry a variety of cute plushies.

Cool Tee

easter basket-boy-tshirt-nintendo

This year we aren’t doing Easter outfits so I wanted to include a fun t-shirt he would love and could use more than once. This one caught his eye when we were shopping so I sent Marcus back to pick it up.

And because the hubs is a lego fan He also picked up a Batman minifig for Bailey.

My kids aren’t big candy fans. I only included 2 prefilled candy eggs this Easter. I really wanted to buy things for them that we’d normally wouldn’t just to spoil them a bit.

Easter Basket Inspiration for Boys

easter basket-boy

Here’s a look at everything he will be getting this Easter.

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