Easter Basket Ideas for Girls

easter basket ideas for girls

Marcus and I did some fun shopping for the kids this Easter. We don’t usually fill our baskets with bunches of candy. We really like to buy different fun things we wouldn’t usually buy them. Since it’s getting harder to shop for them and surprise them, we took several mystery trips to accomplish Easter this year. I wanted to share some Easter Basket Ideas for girls in hopes of inspiring some last minute shopping for your kiddos.

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Cecilia is soon to be 8 this summer and she knows exactly what she likes. This can be tricky but also fun to go on a mission to make her day. She likes plushies much like her brother, enjoys collecting TsumTsums and I’ve kinda rubbed off my love for cute girly things like Tokidoki, My Little Pony, and enamel pins.

This year we’re filling big golden eggs in lieu of baskets. We thought they’d be big enough for all the goodies but we were kinda wrong still they make for cute gifts!

Cute Tee

easter basket-girl-tshirt

This MLP shirt was one of the things she asked for. When I said no she said “I’ll just wait to see if the Easter Bunny brings it” She’s a smart cookie and she knows what she wants!

Tsum Tsums are one of her favorites so when I saw the Easter mystery pack I knew she’d have to have one. I had Marcus feeling around to see if we could find an Ariel.

Both of these items can be purchased at Target.

Books, Books, and more Books

easter basket-girl-books

I love buying my kids books and Cecilia is hard to shop for. There hasn’t been a series she’s too crazy about. I asked for help at Barnes and Noble and to my surprise, they found really cute fun books for my 2nd grader. Right now she’s only liked Captain Underpants and DogMan. So I picked up some new titles to hopefully spark her interest.

Blind Boxes and Pins

easter basket-girl-pins

At Barnes and Noble, I picked up this Tokidoki blind box. She has 2 “Unicorno” plushies so I thought it would be fun to get her some little figures.

I also found these adorable enamel pins by Cat & Jack at Target. I know she is going to love putting these on her jacket or backpack.


easter basket-girl-plushy

This dragon TY plushy is part of the collection of big eye babies she loves. This one I found at Barnes and Noble and it’s even softer than the others she has. Cecilia is the kind of girl that will sit and watch tv or even make some art with a plushy by her side. I know she is going to scream when she sees this one.

Like Bailey’s Easter Basket, we also included 2 prefilled Easter candy eggs. My kids are big on candy but I like to include something small as a treat.

Easter Basket Inspiration for Girls

easter basket-girl

Here is a look at everything we got Cecilia.

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