Disney Land and Sea Familymoon

In February our family went on a vacation of a lifetime. Around the same time, the hubs and I found out we were expecting we had booked our trip to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration Land and Sea. It was perfect timing and decided this would be our last vacation as a family of four. We were celebrating our growing family with a familymoon (babymoon)!


We planned 4 days on land in the parks and brought grandmommy and pop-pop to hang out with us too!

Disney Parks Adventure on Land

We played pirates for a day at the Magic Kingdom! Rode all our favorites like Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin, The People Mover (this is my favorite), Tomorrowland Speedway and of course Pirates of the Carribean! Dad even found his alter ego “Fernando the pirate” there! He was rockin’ that long hair.

We hung out at the Star Wars Launch Bay while at Hollywood Studios. We came prepared to take pictures and Bailey (Little Man) even made his own lightsaber! At the Launch Bay, we met Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, and Jawas. The Jawas loved Cecilia’s camera (Little Lady). They wanted all the metal inside of it.

We also visited Epcot and made our traditional stop in Mexico! The kids took a picture in front of the huge Aztec calendar and wanted to send it to papuchoni and grandma right away. We were having the best time! This was the first time we also made it around the whole world!!! We loved Japan and did some awesome shopping!

Disney Sea Adventure on the Disney Wonder


Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 8.08.54 PM
You see this trip was a dream come true for our family. In 2015, 2 years prior I had asked the Universe for a Disney Cruise trip. The Universe came thru even if it was a few years later. It was well worth it and it came with so many surprises!

Boarding the ship brought tears to my eyes. Hearing our family name announced as we boarded and seeing my kiddos run up to the windows of the ship was magic! Here it was that moment we had all been waiting for!

I don’t have many photos from onboard the ship because we really lived it up. Between family dinners, pool time and having the kid’s beg us for time at the Oceanear Club, we really lived our best life! The cast members, the dining, the activities, the characters, and events were amazing! More than we could have imagined!

Castaway Cay, Bahamas

It’s been a dream of the hubs to have us visit the Bahamas. He’s talked about it since we were dating. It was the special place his family visited every summer. We didn’t quite make it to Nassau or Freeport but we weren’t complaining when we saw the beautiful waters of Castaway Cay. It was breathtaking to look out our window and see the island.

We played in the water for a few hours. The kid’s used tubes to float and splash around. It was peaceful and so gratifying to stand there in the clear waters seeing my babies play. I couldn’t help but get emotional that soon they’d no longer be my only babies. It was a good emotional. After all, we were celebrating our growing family.

The hubs documented my pregnancy with a quick silly photoshoot with our camera phones. I was 15 weeks already and excited to just be able to spend this time with my family.

Our familymoon was exactly the celebration we needed to get ready for Little Baby. We will always have these magical Disney memories of Land and Sea. Thank you to Disney Social Media Moms for the invitation and for the amazing planning that went into every family event we were a part of.

We can’t wait to plan our next vacation as a family of five!

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