28 Weeks: Hello Third Trimester

mama monday

mama monday- 3rd trimester
28 weeks! Wow, we’re really here 3rd trimester has begun and Little Baby is showing out! Literally! I’ve been counting down the weeks until we reached the third trimester and I’m still shocked time has flown by so fast. I feel like it was just Christmas when we announced we were expecting a little baby.

Blood work and Glucose results

Last week I shared how I was being sent in for yet another Glucose test not because I didn’t pass my last but for preventative reasons. Being a gordita comes with extra precaution when it comes to carrying a baby. I’m cool with it. I’m happy to report this mama passed with flying colors no Gestational diabetes here. Thank goodness. Sadly, I do have low iron levels so before I become anemic yet again, my nurse called to discuss options of added supplements. I’m not a fan of iron pills because stool softeners are needed always (sorry TMI be prepared there’s gonna be a lot of that from now on) I have a few options I’m testing out so I’ll be back with more on that. For now, I’m a healthy mama and baby is good too!

28-week appointment

I mentioned my appointments have now moved to every 2 weeks. So today I saw our doctor. Little Baby’s heart rate was at 146bpm but that didn’t come so easy. Little Baby is stubborn as ever. The doctor took a good 5 minutes to get a stable beat because the baby kept kicking and moving.

We discussed and made a final decision on having a VBAC as you may know I’ve delivered both ways with the last being my C-section. While it was an emergency I feel I was very capable of laboring thru and pushing. I’m still as confident this time and so our plan is to push but if another emergency occurs I’m ok with having a c-section. The doctor was encouraging with my decision so I feel great about that. Let me know if I should do a storytime video about my previous birth stories. I’d love to share the craziness of bringing my kids into the world.

Also, I finally gained a pound! I’ve been below my pre-pregnancy weight. I lose weight during my pregnancies, which again, is normal for gorditas like me. I’m cool with it. But I’m happy that I’m still healthy and only gaining what I need to for now.

And if things weren’t achy enough already. I woke up this morning with achy hips as expected. The spreading has begun and so I can hear my bones crack when I try to get comfortable on the couch or bed. I totally jinxed myself from last week. 

TMI: Lightning Crotch + Nursing Pads

mama monday- 28 weeks- nursing pads

Ya, this weekend Lightning crotch happened. I was grocery shopping and stab the pain happened. I figured I was just having stretching issues but when they continued to happen throughout my shopping trip I was over it. Marcus must have seen the pain on my face because he quickly offered my the grocery cart. I came home to look up the symptoms because I knew 100% they weren’t Braxton Hicks. The pain was described as a baby taking an ice pick to my girly parts because the baby is either causing a pinched nerve or pushing down on my cervix. Either way OUCH! Luckily with some rest, the pain subsided.

We also had to go buy nursing pads after waking up with a wet arm. I don’t recall leaking this early but it happens. I’m not soaking thru shirts daily but precautions have been this weeks theme so I’m just following suit. Better prepared than embarrassed, right?

Memory Lane with Baby clothes

mama monday- 28 weeks- baby clothes

Marcus went digging thru the garage this weekend too. I had asked him to find all our baby clothes. I saved a few bins of clothes from both kiddos. Sadly we only came across the boy bin, the trinkets, and the blanket bin. My girl clothes are still MIA. Hoping we find it soon. I opened the bins and all the memories came flooding. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t emotional pulling out onesies, overalls, baby sweats, socks, and bibs. All the clothes are so tiny. I can’t even believe Bailey and Cecilia were that tiny just a few years ago.

Dad’s cravings and sickness

We started this week very bizarre too. Marcus has all of a sudden been feeling nausea to the point of skipping out on whole meals. It was funny the first time but then I got worried. Luckily after skipping the meal, he’s fine for the next. It’s happened 3 times since this weekend. Also, he’s got all the sweet cravings. This whole situation goes along so many Mexican superstitions and beliefs I grew up learning. I gotta share my list soon. But ya,  it’s very much our world right now. Hang in there Marcus I’m just happy it’s you and not me. 

I feel blessed to have made it this far. Little Baby will be here in less than 12 weeks. We have a lot to do to prepare and my nesting phase has finally set in. I’ll be back next Monday with another Mama Monday!

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