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Fridays are reserved for family fun in our house now. It’s exciting to finally have a tradition in our home where our family puts electronics to the side and really just enjoys each other’s company. We’re building up our collection of family fun games and learning to spend more fun times together as a family.

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We’re building up our collection of family games and playing with the kids has brought many childhood memories for Marcus and me, as well as allowed us to make new memories with our kids. Including learning how competitive these two are!

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This week we decided to purchase a new game. We picked up The Wimpy Kid 10 Second Challenge. While this one isn’t so much a classic it’s one that we knew the kids would love because they love the Diary of A Wimpy Kid book series!


But if we’re honest they have favorites, we all do! The latest favorite for Bailey and Cecilia has been a game they received for Christmas, The Yo-Kai Watch version of LIFE. The kids love this game and playing it with them has been hilarious! They’re a bunch of cheaters hahaha but they make family game night memorable!

10 GUBfam Approved Family Fun Games

If you’re looking to add family-friendly games to your collection, here are a few fun games we own and some that are on our list to get. We are especially looking to add more themed versions of classic games to our Friday nights!

Oh and don’t forget the OG classics too! These are some of the games that continue to be fun for the whole family.

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