Mother’s Day Gift: DIY Wooden Letters

DIY MOM wooden letters- washitape
I found these super cute wooden letters at my local Michael’s and instantly thought “Ohhh I can paint those for a cute gift” Of course, with Mother’s Day just a few weeks away I picked up two M’s and one O. This is a great gift for kids to personalize for mom for a sweet memorable Mother’s Day Gift keepsake.

The supplies are easy so get creative! You can even customize both sides like I did.

-Wooden Letters
-Acrylic paint in White for the base color and any other accent color. 
-Paint brushes
-Mod Podge to seal your design
-Washi Tape

Customize Your Mother’s Day Gift

DIY MOM wooden letters- all white
First things first, protect your surface before starting. paint your wooden letters with the white acrylic paint. You’ll need a few coats. I did 3 generous coats of paint on each letter.

Start by painting your wooden letters with the white acrylic paint. You’ll need a few coats. I did 3 generous coats of paint on each letter. Let each coat dry thoroughly before starting the next coat. You’ll see why soon. (I learned the hard way)

DIY MOM wooden letters- half painted
For my design, I used some washi to create a straight painting line. I took some teal acrylic paint.

NOTE: Here is where I messed up. I didn’t wait for the last coat of white to completely dry and it kinda got smeared with the teal. 

Paint at least 2 coats of your accent color. 

TIP: Get creative! Think polka dots, geometric shapes, and even color blocking with various colors! Glitter works awesome too!

DIY MOM wooden letters
Let your accent color dry before removing the washi tape or moving on to the back. If you get a janky line go back in with white to straighten it out.

DIY MOM wooden letters- washi
Using Washi Tape, I was able to customize a cute pattern onto the back of my wooden letters. Just adhere on to where you want the design and using scissors or an Exacto knife remove the excess tape.

Last seal your designs with mod podge. This will help the paint from chipping and the washi tape from curling/peeling off.

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