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Little Baby is 29 weeks! I totally feel it too. According to a few pregnancy apps (ya I totally check out more than one haha), Baby is at least 2.5lbs now. Also, I’ve had to turn to a few pregnancy apps for a few specific things this week. I’ve had some symptoms that I’ve looked up, kick counts have officially started, and since the belly is really growing I’m enjoying taking pics of the bump.

pregnancy apps

This week I want to share what’s on my phone. Well, what pregnancy apps I like to check out on a weekly and daily basis. Like I said I’ve had some things to really research and I find that not only am I able to find the answers but also document the changes.

In no particular order here is what is on my phone.

Pregnancy Apps I use on the Regular

the bump and ovia

The Bump App- I love this app for the community aspect of it. I always find the answers to my questions in what they call Real Answers. I also enjoy the 3D interactive feature. It’s been easy to explain to the kids how the baby is growing and actually have something to show them.

Ovia Pregnancy App-I use this app the most because I found it to be the easiest. I’m able to not only see weekly updates but I’m able to add my own notes, photos, appointments, test results, and so much more. I love that you can also pick a theme. The kids enjoy seeing the baby’s growth compared to fruit, toys, and pastries.

what to expect and babycenter

What to Expect App- Marcus uses this app. He enjoys it and actually kept it on his phone because it asked him if he was the dad or the mom when signing up. He also read these books when we were first pregnant with Bailey. I jump on there every week just to see what information they offer. They have great articles and reminders that some other apps sometimes don’t cover.

BabyCenter App- This app also has a 3D view showing baby’s growth. But what I love most about this app is that I can add all my kids and see their growth. It also has great polls in the pregnancy timeline that are interesting.

baby photo app and kick counts

Baby Story App- I just discovered this app and it’s super cute. It comes with a bunch of free “stickers” to decorate your pregnancy pics. And since I just got into taking bump pics I’ve been decorating those.This app is also great for when baby is born to track all the milestones and months.

Full Term App- I needed to count baby’s kicks and after downloading 3 other apps this one was the best one. It’s not fancy but it gets the job done and allows me to save my progress. I’ve been tracking kicks every night and I’ll be sure to use it when contractions start.

Non-Pregnancy Specific apps I use daily.

apps for pregnancy

Plant Nanny App- I suck at drinking water. This cute little plant helps me track my water intake and reminds me every 2 hours to drink water. If I drink the amount I’m supposed to daily my little plant grows and I win. I really do suck at drinking water. I wish I was better at it.

Calm App- A few friends swear by this app. I really only use it to calm down when I feel restless at night with the breathing exercises as well as the sounds. I love the rain and river sounds. I haven’t purchased the app but if you’re interested in learning more about it check out this review on the Calm app by my amiga Maura

Kegel Pelvic Floor Exercise Trainer (KPFE) App- This may be TMI but hey I’m preggo here! Things are getting weaker as my body transitions to give birth. I’ve learned that Kegel exercises are something that will help issues that may arise when it comes to incompetency and even labor. I’m willing to give them a shot and I like that I can do the exercises anywhere.

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