The End of Second Trimester

We’re here! I can see the finish line! Our Little Baby will be here in less than 13 weeks. I’m officially 27 weeks that means it’s the last week in my second trimester. WOW!  Things are getting real as we all prepare for Little Baby. But as promised, I’m back with another Mama Monday! 

mama monday

I haven’t seen my doctor since my last visit (one more week) I do have a glucose test and blood work to do this week. Usually, people dread them but because I’m a plus size mama they make me take a couple of these tests. This will be my second glucose test. Overweight mamas equal higher chances of gestational diabetes so I don’t fight them and just do it because I rather be safe than sorry. So far so good. Also, the liquid isn’t all that bad I can hang. I’ve had worse things to drink in life hahaha. 

27 weeks pregnant- Fernando, naps, and cravings

I finally started using my preggo pillow “Fernando” again I stopped using him for bed time because it got too hot but I’m better now. Still hot but I’m sleeping with the windows open these days and so FFernando keeps me the right temperature with no covers. I’m a happier mama when I can rest my legs as I lay on my side. Also, naps are a must. I try to schedule one a day because if not i’m a grumpy bear the high temps don’t help either. 

kids getting ready for baby

Lucky for me the kiddos know when I need a nap and they surprise me with little plushies and cute notes. They really make me appreciate just how much they understand that not only is a baby coming but mama is rather tired these days. 

I’m still down pounds this week. I’m expecting to finally gain in the 3rd trimester. Little Baby is giving me quite the appetite but sadly my eyes are bigger than my mouth these days. I live off snacking. My meals are 1/4 size of what I usually eat and still I get the worse heartburn. I expected it though I had horrible heartburn with both Bailey and Cecilia. The TUMS stopped working this week too so HELP! 


Sweet cravings have been few. But this week I finally opened the ice cream Marcus got me 2-3 weeks ago. Ya I don’t know what took me so long. I also treated myself to a frapp and it hit the spot. It had no coffee so it kinda soothed my heartburn. I didn’t even finish it though. I’m not a sweet junky anymore! 

Little Baby is busy growing


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It’s been interesting to feel Little Baby move around. Hubs and I think this baby is gonna be the biggest of all 3 GUB kids. Baby has moved up higher and so the bump is high and pointy and getting in the way. But even funnier is seeing my belly move when baby has the hiccups. It feels like I’m reliving my pregnancy with Bailey. He had hiccups ALL.THE.TIME. 

Soon I won’t be driving. The bump is really getting in the way of things. At least that will be my excuse now when I don’t wanna drive.

Nesting…kinda sorta

dads getting ready

 Marcus and I have been actually shopping and stocking up on baby items. First on the list, Pampers diapers and Wipes. Ya we know how easy life was when we just had a closet of diapers in various sizes to choose from. It made things less stressful for sure. This time we feel prepared!  Marcus has also been picking up baby outfits. He’s excited for sure when he’s shopping for Little Baby. I’ll have a haul video with some of the items we’ve gathered for Little Baby soon. 

For now, that’s it. I’m excited to enter the last trimester and get Little Baby’s space and our home ready.  I’ll be back next week with another Mama monday and hopefully updates on the blood work and glucose! Wish me luck!

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