Camera Day: DIY Camera Fun Box + Ideas

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June 29th is National Camera day! Both the kiddos love getting hands on with cameras thanks to Marcus. They love watching daddy photography toys the most.Bailey is always recording video on his DS and Cecilia loves taking photos with her Instax. That is why this summer I wanted to give them something to have a more creative summer and National Camera Day is the perfect day to gift them a DIY Camera Fun Box.

camera-day-DIY camera fun box
My goal is to give them the tools to help them be creative. From using an instax, camera phone, a point and shoot, a disposable camera, and even other electronics with cameras, sky is the limit on what and how they can get creative with a camera this summer. I also wanted a box or basket that had props that they could use for some camera fun.

DIY Camera Fun Box

Think of items your kids love and other things that they can use to create and photograph or video. I added things I know they love to play with but also things that were small enough to take with us outdoors for some creative fun on the road. Don’t forget to add a camera or let them know what electronic with a camera they are free to use.

What’s in our Camera Day Fun Box

In our Camera Fun Box we have:



-toy car/truck

-Lego MiniFigs


-plastic animal

-And the instax with extra film

Ideas to get Creative with a Camera


1- Photo collage- a creative look at the mind of a child with photos they take.

2- Stop-motion with minifigs- learning to photograph every move

3-Chalk art- much like these we’ve done in the past. They draw with chalk, get in the photo, and take a shot.

3-Storytelling with photos- have them snap photos and then write a story using what they shot.

4-Action shots using bubbles and moving toys like a truck

5- Video- if your camera has video option allow them to make their own video sky is the limit!

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