Family Bonding- Walks in the Park

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We’ve been taking walks in the park as a way for me to get some extra movement in but also to get the kiddos out and about. Little did I know these would be the moments I’d remember constantly as we prepare for our newest addition. The Family Bonding time walks in the park has supplied us with is exactly what we needed.

We’re already pretty close. We’ve been traveling, cooking, hanging out, and learning more about each other for the past 8 years. It’s safe to say we know what we all love and how to pick each other’s buttons. But taking walks in the park lets me see my family in such a new light.

Bailey likes to compete. He’s always leading the pack. He goes back and forth from walking to running. He always comes back to ask if I’m ok. And he knows how to get under his sister’s skin. Still, he can’t live without her. What’s the point of racing up the hills if his sister isn’t the one running with him?

Cecilia has a hard time going on these walks. She can’t decide whether to go follow her brother or stick around with me. She’s usually in between up until we hit the swirly path down the hill. She’s also the reason I push myself to go a little farther. She doesn’t like to take walks. She’s usually just down to visit the park so she can play at the playground (She’s such my child)

Marcus is always running around. He likes to set up camera shots to catch video footage. He likes to stick behind us and then suddenly run across the grass fields when he sees another great shot. I love that about him. He’s always in creative mode no matter how chill our walks are.

And me, well I’m not the type to say hey let’s go for walks but recently that’s just exactly what I’ve been saying and doing. My body desires to walk. I crave the walks in the park. I put on my sneakers, fill my bottle of water, and just walk. It’s so relaxing and I get to just take in the moments with my family.

In less than 50 days, we’ll be a family of 5! I hope we can still go for our weekend walks and enjoy each other’s company.

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