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I had a flashback memory a few months ago with my son. I got him up early in the morning and walked him to the bathroom as we had an early start to the day. In that instant, I was reminded of our potty training days. I’ve always told friends potty training boys seems tricky but with the right mind and tools, it can be an easy journey.

I’ve shared our own potty training journey with both our kids way early on this blog. While my son showed interest early, I wasn’t prepared. I ended up potty training both our kids at the same time and that seemed to work out best. Now, I find myself going down memory lane as we prepare for another baby that will be potty training in a few years.

Helping a Mama Out

Potty Training can be overwhelming especially when you have a boy. It can get messy really quick but luckily I’ve had some amazing mama friends help me out along the way. Now I’m here to share what they once shared with me and what really worked for us!

Like with most projects and dream goals you need a plan of consistency and a care kit. The same goes with potty training a toddler. You need the right mind and tools to get the job done. I’m going to share my boy care kit because it’s what I learned to create first especially since learning to pee like a boy was new for me too!

Potty Training Care Kit for Boys

Fill a basket with these items and prepare for a conversation with your toddler. Seeing this basket is going to be like receiving a birthday gift so treat it as such and prepare for a celebration!

In my kit I like to include:

-Cereal O’s- Have your toddler toss some O’s into the toilet. Make it a game and have them learn to aim directly where we want all of it to go… In the toilet!

-Flushable Wipes- Kandoo Wipes are great for little hands and great for learning to clean up a messy situation. Be sure to keep some refills on hand too.

-Potty Training underpants- These are great for the early weeks when accidents will happen more often. It’s great to have extra on hand ready to keep cheering your kiddo on.

-Underwear- Ya! Introducing your kids to the big boy underpants will make them so excited. Keep a pair on hand just in case an accident does happen.

-Potty Chart- Shows kids progress and consistency. It gets them excited about the next time. Download your own potty chart tracker.

-Rewards- Stickers or even coloring sheets are great rewards after a job well done. My kids loved getting stickers and wearing them as a badge of honor.

-Hand Soap- Yes this is a must. Kids need that routine and consistency of going and practicing great hygiene after too.

Tips for a Successful Potty Training Journey

– Prepare- get your kit together and have that conversation with your little one the minute they show interest.

-Praise and reward- Celebrate a job well done you both earned it!

– Be consistent- Ask often and practice the same routine.

-Make it fun- From cereal O’s to talking to the potty. Be on the journey with them.

-Don’t Stress- Tomorrow is always a new day. Mistakes will happen practice patience your kids are always watching.

Overall, make this journey your own and take this opportunity to learn more about your kids. Know that even with these tips passed on from other moms and having a kit to stay prepared, all potty training journeys are different. The potty training journey is one you will one day look back on and say “We Did It”!

potty training boys- kandoo-gublife
Need some extra guidance? Download your own Potty Training Toolkit from KandooKids.Com and learn about their Potty Time Pack so you can start the potty training journey with your toddler.

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