Summer Bricks: Kid Chores and Rewards

what wednesday Summer officially starts next week! The kids are approaching the end of the school year and with early dismissal this whole week I knew I had to jump on the ball to keep them busy. I’m thinking Kid chores are going to be a must but not without some fun attached. Since Baby is due next month, I’m going to need all the help I can get. Luckily our new family routine has our weekends covered and has helped a bunch. Now I’m giving the kids options to score extra fun with our new Summer Bricks Chores + Rewards.

Easy Summer Kid chores DIY

Summer Bricks-Chores-rewards-kids I was browsing Pinterest ideas to keep kids busy this summer I don’t want to just have them play on the electronics all day. These Summer Bricks should not only keep them active but really look forward to earning their rewards (and I’m not talking money rewards). In all honesty, I’m also dreading the “I’m hungry” whining every hour and the I’m bored” sighing especially when there is so much they can do aside from chores. But if they need a little guidance, I’m happy to direct them into earning their rewards while pitching in with some chores.

Kid chores to keep them busy all summer

Summer Bricks-Chores-printable I started off simple. I gathered 16 Bricks (2×4 size) in a mason jar, asked the kids what are some rewards they’d like to earn this summer and I made a printable on sticker paper. Their rewards were actually pretty decent requests. They wanted Computer, tv, and iPad time. I also asked if they’d enjoy some art projects. They like to wander into my office and mess with all my craft supplies. They also liked the idea of staying up late and having one on one time with a parent to play a game.

The chores are things we don’t include in our weekend routine. These are extra things that need to get done but aren’t really assigned to anyone. I plan to change up the chores and rewards after a few weeks to keep things exciting.

Summer Bricks-Chores-rewards

Each brick has one chore and on the flip side one reward. They aren’t allowed to pick which chore they’re doing. They must choose without looking by sticking their hand in the jar and picking a brick! It’s that easy! I’m also going to reward the one who completes the most chores by the end of the week. Not sure what that prize is but I’ll be back to update once we figure that out.

Free Summer Bricks Chores + Rewards Printable

Summer Bricks-Chores-printable-download Download the printable. Choose which chores fit your family needs or add your own! I’ve included 16 chores, 16 rewards, and 32 empty boxes to create your own. The size of the chores +rewards labels fit exactly on a 2×8 brick. Just print and stick. I’ve also included a cool round label that fits great on a mason jar lid! TIP: Don’t have sticker paper print and cut and attach with clear tape.

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