Family Moments Made Easy with a routine for a simpler life

Family moments made easy with a routine for a simpler life. Thanks to Ivory for sponsoring this post.


If there is one thing I know it’s that my family thrives on routine. We do the same things in the same order during the week. Life is easier and simpler this way. It helps us stay on top of things and shower time and the products we use are no exception.


My family loves spending time together but since we’ve grown to a family of 5, getting to spend some time requires us to stay on routine. My kids know that after school it’s homework time and then dinner. Quickly following dinner, one of the kids is sent to shower and the other is left to pack their belongings for school. They switch and then we finish up with some story time before bed. It sounds so simple but they really help us stay consistent with our routine. 

family moments with ivory soap

We wouldn’t have these special moments, like story time, if I had to spend my time preparing every task for my kids especially when they shower. I find that living life using the same products for shower time has made life simple. There are no questions whether the products our kids use will affect their sensitive skin because we rely on Ivory products for shower and bath time. Ivory provides a pure, gentle clean for our family. My grandmother trusted Ivory and now our family does too.


I keep a basket of clean washcloths and Ivory Clean Body Wash, and Ivory Bar Soap ready for my family. I take the time to restock and clean up our basket on the weekends making it easier us to do the shower things during the week. On the weekends, the kids prefer the Ivory Clean body wash for their baths. It makes the best bubbles and they smell super clean. Still, one of my favorite things to do when they come out of the bath is to give them a squeeze because smelling them reminds me of when they were smaller.


I know we’ll continue to adjust our routine to our lives but the Ivory products we use will remain the same. That’s the trust in of generations that keep life simple and allows me to enjoy my family moments.

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