What Makes A Happy Baby in the Morning time

Morning times with my happy baby are some of my favorite moments of parenting. Thanks to Pampers for sponsoring this post.
There is nothing better than a smiling happy baby in the morning time. As tired as I’ve been at times my baby makes my mornings. I’ve been a mama to Damian for 6 months now. We’ve learned a lot about each other but as a mama of 3, parenting a little one is always different. Remembering how it was with my other babies has allowed me to enjoy our time together and try to figure out what works for Damian.


Cuddles + snuggles

I finally have a baby who loves to snuggle and cuddle before bed and after. Damian is starting to reach out to me and pulls and tugs at me to get into my arms. When he’s tired he buries his face close to me and grabs on to whatever I’m wearing. No complaints here!



Still, what makes a happy baby starts with a routine that will ensure some warm, dry, and comfortable sleep. All three of my kids loved our routine and it made life easier. We have a routine for both naptime and bedtime. I’ve learned his schedule and tired signs. This is important for us because it helps Damian know it’s time for bed and time to relax. I do my best to soothe him and get him ready for dreamy land by being consistent.

After a warm bath, I lather him with lotion and put on a Pampers Baby-Dry Diaper. A dry bottom keeps my baby sleeping longer which in turn lets me enjoy a few extra Z’s. My go to diapers are Pampers Baby-Dry at this stage because they keep Damian dry for up to 12 hours. After his jammies are on we cuddle as his lullaby music plays. I give him a kiss, tuck him in, and turn off the lights. His music plays for 60 minutes but he’s usually sound asleep by the first 15 minutes. It’s magical. While he’s not sleeping thru the night just yet, he’s only waking up to feed once or twice.


My Baby’s Sleep Personality is a Koala


Just for fun, I took the Pampers #SleptLikeThis quiz to learn more about my baby. Wouldn’t you know it we got a Koala! How accurate! Damian does love all the cuddles and snuggles! He also enjoys being rocked and his soothing lullaby music. 



Sleep Tips for better Sleeping baby:

The quiz provides sleep expert, Kim West’s tips, and our sleep tip is to massage more as it helps induce sleep. I don’t do this enough but I think it will be wonderful to add to our routine. I’ll have to report how it goes and if he loves it.

My sleep tips for new parents for a better sleeping baby:

Learn your baby’s tired signs
-This will help you to get them to nap or bedtime with ease. Soon you’ll have a routine of your own.

Have a Routine
It will make life easier for both you and baby. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but consistency is key. This helped us best when we traveled. It’s also great when you take turns doing the routine with your partner.

Keep baby dry
-I learned from Pampers that babies urinate up to 12 times at night. They sense the wetness so it’s important to keep them dry to keep them asleep. This is why Pampers Baby-Dry diaper is our go-to diaper. Also, don’t be fooled. The thicker the diaper doesn’t mean the more absorbent! That’s a myth!

Enjoy the wake-up smiles
-Don’t rush to start your day if possible. It really helps build a connection with baby. As a mom who used to work 10hours a day, I missed the morning smiles all week and I made sure to enjoy them on the weekends as much as I could including nap time wake ups.

Want to learn more about your baby’s sleep?
You too can take the quiz HERE! Let us know what your baby’s sleep personality is.


sleep tips for a better sleeping baby

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