We Moved: Going Back to Cali

Moving from new jersey to cali-later jersey

Last month, we said goodbye to all the people who we loved and made Jersey feel like home. We packed up and off we went on a road trip back to Cali! We moved!

Do y’all remember when we did the big move from Cali to NJ 8 Years ago? Bailey and Cecilia were tiny and now here we were with 2 big kids and one little baby ready to take on the nation. 

Moving from new jersey to cali-truck

Everything we called ours was packed up and moved in this huge truck. It was quite the adventure driving in separate cars this time around as Marcus navigated and lead us in this truck. He traveled with Pop Pop and Bailey and Cecilia took turns each day. I took turns driving with grandmommy and we also had Damian and then whoever wasn’t in the truck from the big kids.  It took us 6 days this time as we traveled through NJ, PA, WV, OH, IN, IL, MO, OK, TX, NM, AZ, and CA!

Moving from new jersey to cali-sis

It was an exhausting trip but we made the most of our time together. I can’t say how important this trip was to us. 

Moving from new jersey to cali-family

Aside from starting our new beginnings we also had Grandmommy and PopPop with us. Both Marcus and I felt it was important to have them come on this trip with us. Our kids will forever remember this trip with their grandparents.

Moving from new jersey to cali-memory keeping


I tried to document as much of our trip in my BuJo as possible. I took photos and memorabilia from all our stops in efforts to memory keep this entire trip. 

Moving from new jersey to cali-gubkids

At rest stops Bailey and Cecilia loved exploring. Our favorite rest stop was in New Mexico. The sand was red the buildings were short and bright. I took so many photos of them but this one is my favorite. 

Moving from new jersey to cali-site seeing

They also found animals on our trip. We passed through many farms. Saw horses, cows, and more cows.  

Moving from new jersey to cali-daddy

Overall we had an amazing trip. Not even the bumps on the road could put a damper on our adventure.

Moving from new jersey to cali-mama

We’re settling in nice and hope to share more of why we moved, what’s been happening, and of course all our GUBlife adventures and traditions. Thanks for coming along on the ride! 

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