First Halloween in Cali


Our first Halloween in Cali was cute! The kids were excited to trick or treat around my parent’s neighborhood but boy were they in for a surprise! 

The night started off with everyone getting off work and heading over to get the kids ready. Unfortunately, Marcus worked late so he missed the festivities. 

It was 6:30 and the sun was setting so Grandma and Papuchoni set off to take the kids trick or treating. I gotta tell you having kids makes the holidays exciting but seeing your parent’s joy of experiencing it with their grandkids is that more magical and so worth it!



hallowee baby shark

This guy stole the night. He was not a fan of his Baby Shark costume that is until everyone began to sing the song. He loved that part oh and the candy.

We went to a few houses and decided to head back home to give candy out. 

This was the first time the kids spent more than 30 minutes outside and were able to pass out candy to the kids coming around.  Jersey always was freezing and stay out in just costumes was unheard of. But Cali life was nice and cool Cecilia rocked her princess dress as she passed out candy with Bailey the stormtrooper by her side. Damian waved bye to all those in costume who came by. A few of those that came by even sang the baby shark song to him. I’m telling you he really stole the night. 


halloween in cali


Halloween 2018 was a success and I’m so happy my family got to enjoy my kids. 

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    They look so adorable in their costumes! Glad you guys had a great first Halloween in Cali. Being closer to family during the holidays just makes them so much happier and better to enjoy.

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