I don’t want my baby to hurt

Yesterday my husband brought up piercing little lady’s ears. This is a topic that has caused much discussion to say the least.

You see my mother claims we as Mexicans or better yet our family tradition was to always pierce baby’s ears like 3 days after they’re born. I thought this was crazy. I guess I started thinking what if the baby gets an infection? Don’t they need their shots first too? You can imagine all the questions I had especially after what happened to me.

Well I remember getting mine pierced when I was 9. I remember wanting to get them done so bad. You see my parents got mine done when I was a baby but little did they know I’d get an infection and even worse be allergic to gold. Yup, you read that right I can’t not own gold I break out horrible. I remember the pain I was in especially after having to get them done over and over. I would take them out and I would heal shut fast.

So fast forward to now the husband decides to ask me again if we were going to pierce little lady’s ears. We had been undecided. I guess you can say we wanted to see how things went. We have been asked by everyone why her ears weren’t pierced and we would just say we wanted her to do it at her own time. I won’t lie though I had been giving it some thought again. However, I felt that now it may be too late. She is 4 months old.

I came across Mrs Muffins Blog and her insight on the situation also made me think. She is always going to hurt no matter when this is done. The older they get the more they can voice out the pain they feel with words.

But… I guess I’m still on the fence about it.

So When did you pierce your baby girls ears? I’ve added a poll to my page over on the top right. I’ve allowed to have multiple answers since I know many of you have more than one child.

Please let me know why you chose the time you did it. & if you have any advice I’d love to hear it.

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