If I’ve learned one thing…

If I’ve learned one thing about my children as of yet, it is that they are happiest and successful with consistency and routine.

Since being home and creating a daily routine for them. The house is cleaner, they sleep better, they’re less cranky and enjoy getting lots of time with momma.

It’s been about 2.5 weeks since we started this new life style and we love it.
I’ve been a SAHM before and I can say this time around I’m really enjoying my time with my kids.

I’ve also decided to Potty Train until we succeed. As mentioned in my past potty training post, little man has been successful before but we’ve failed to stay on top of it.

But today we started big kid days!
I’ve put little man in some cute manly marvel character “chonies”(underwear), a thermal, slippers and that’s it! No pants!!!

Two hours into our day little man was already 2-2 with the potty.

As a reward he picks a sticker and sticks it on his potty chart. He is so proud to see the chart and points to the stickers.

He now knows to say “Mama pee pee” when he has the urge to go. I also ask about every 15-20 minutes if he has to go.
Sometimes he says no and sometimes he says yes but ultimately it’s his decision. I’m letting him make the decision until we have an accident.

Little lady hasn’t tried since last week when she was doing it on her own. I’m confident she will announce she’s got to go once she sees our million trips to the potty with little man.
Are you potty training a little one?
What are you doing/ or have you done to potty train?

Happy Monday Everyone!
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