Blogalicious 2011

Blogalicious Weekend Conference has come and gone. It was an amazing time to spend with a lot of online friends.
Friendships I’ve made over this awesome conference has just made blogging that much sweeter. Social Media is an amazing tool!
The weekend went by so fast I seriously only had the chance to skype with the kiddos one day all other communication was mostly through text. They were well taken care of by dad and grandma so no worries. The transition of mommy traveling is becoming much easier as the trips keep coming.
How about a wrap up on Blogalicious. Forgive me now for the picture overload and I apologize for the lack of Session photos or content. I was busy taking notes and twittering. So if you don’t follow me yet Head on over and follow me on twitter lots of valuable information from keynote speakers such as Rene Syler, Jesse Jones, and Lamar Tyler all shared Life lessons that can be applied on and offline.
Thursday- I arrived via car. I was dropped off by Uncle. I soon met up with the bestie Jenda from Jendalynne photography . It’s been a couple of months since we last met up so this was perfect catch up time especially since she was 1 of my 3 rommies for the weekend!!!
We went sight seeing, had , and lunch and attended the kick off party for Blogalicious at Microsoft Headquarters in DC.
MLK copy
The memorial was amazing. I only wish my family was there with me to share this moment. We had a random person take our picture… they cut off the most important person in the pic..MLK!!!
microsoft copy
Talk about hi-tech office. Microsoft had touch screen everything. I have video of Jenda playing with that glass computer it was super cool. We also brought up our sites on the huge screens where we also played the new Kinect SPORTS. I had to much fun…. thinking the kiddos may get the Kinect for Christmas.. since you know we totally loved the Sesame street game. They raffled one off at the event but we weren’t lucky at all.
Friday- Officially 1st day of Blogalicious!!!! I checked into Gaylord Resort and Spa with Jenda, and Dania who roomed with me the night before. The resort was gorgeousness! We even had our own balcony. Check out this little video I made.

At night we attended McDonalds Welcome cocktail Masqueade where we enjoyed burgers and drinks all while wearing cool masks. I had already seen my fellow cali girl Alicia but it was fun to hangout again! I was also able to chat and hug some powerful women from LATISM Elianne and AnaRC !!!

We also attended a private event Drinks on US by Johnson & Johnson hosted by my amiga Rory from Mama Contemporanea. They had delicious Thai food! I was able to connect with the awesome duo of SpanglishBaby Ana and Roxana.

BTW thank you to Tracy from @latinaish for the Kellogg poptarts yummy!!!!
We then went back to the hotel to attend Ubisoft Jam hosted by the Clever girls I called it an early one I knew Day 2 was going to be extra busy.
blogalicioys day1 copy
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Saturday- Day2
I started the morning with breakfast and sessions. I then hurried over to the CoverGirl suite to take my picture with Paul Patton. She was super sweet and shared that her little boys middle name is Fuego, Fire! I visited the other suites with friends: Pine-sol Latino, and Sears & Kmart. Later I went back to the hotel for a break and to get ready to meet with Big Daddy aka Chef Aaron McCargo Jr.Where he was signing his book at the Aunt Jemima booth. We recieved our books in our swag bag from Blogalicious.
Later that night we had the Que Rica Vida and Pine-sol blogafiesta! I volunteered for a cookind demonstration and we partied big with all the latinas and of course the awesome Rene Syler who earlier I head speak at a session.
Soon after we rushed over to Aunt Jemimas Binner with a demo with BigDaddy. After breakfast for dinner we all attended the Susan G Komen PJ party in the preseidential suite.
The day was busy but so much fun.
blogalicioys day2 copy
Sunday- Day3- the goodbyes start here!
I failed to attend any sessions on the last day. I was too busy with packing, meeting my husband, and calming my nervous because i was later speaking at the final event Scentalicious for Blogalicious.
Here I caught up with Chantilly from Bicultural Mom and with Ezzy. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many of the people I had just met attend this event. It was very special for Dania and I since we were both about to share some very special stories.
In the end I made everyone cry with my story which was never meant to be so emotional. I had lunch with my amigas and we all went our separate ways. This was definitely a time to remember.
blogalicioys day3 copy
Blogalicious’12 I am so looking forward to you!!!!
I hope to meet more of my online friends next time!
Stay tuned for my Scentalicious at Blogalicious Story.


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