Hispanicize 2012


Hispanicize week was truly a time of inspiration and reflection as well as motivation as to what is to come. I am happy to say that I am have some pretty amazing Blog Friends. I have been showed the most amazing love from them!!!

Our week was full of amazing keynote speakers aka LATINOVATORS such as Maria Elena Salinas who i grew up watching on Univision, Alfredo Ayala Disney Imagineer, Nely Galan Latina media entrepreneur and founder of The Adelante Movement, Cesar Millian the dog whisper, and the one and only  Emilio Estefan

Twitter was full of inspiration all week from the words of the latinovators and speakers throughout the conference. 
here are some memorable tweets!

The Session I participated in went really good the response was amazing. I had a moment where I felt that everything I’ve done with my kids and written here on this blog has had an effect on others. My mission has always been to raise our kids proud of their cultures however I quickly learned this past month that it is more than that. The passion I have drives me to make a difference. Where the word Different or a person being bi-cultural or multicultural doesn’t= BAD!!!! Different=Unique their is nothing wrong with that being different means more to us because our kids will be raised with love and rich of culture!!!

Here is the video I showed at the session.

Here is response from those who were there

And of course as always when I speak I cry! When it comes to speaking about my family and my children I cry! I am learning to embrace it especially when I have people who support what I am doing even in the bloggy world I am reassured!!! I can’t thank everyone enough for the support I had a lot of hugs and praise at the end of our session I was really full of love that day!

I also recently. via Skype. showed my dad this video off YouTube where SoiTV interviewed me as well as other bloggers. It was a really cool experience but little did I know the affect it would have on my family. My dad has never been prouder! He believes I am making a change and I couldn’t feel happier about making him and my mom proud!!!

Hispanicize was amazing There are a so many people who made the event so memorable I can’t even begin to  name them all. From the bottom of my heart You have made a difference and know I will never forget the amazing time in MIAMI!

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