Flying with kids under 5 it can be done #tips

Traveling with the kids is not something I’m use to doing solo. That being said I did some crazy preparing to make out flight as smooth as possible 
One of the first things I remembered about flying with the kids the last time is how it was important to keep the kids entertained and busy with different things. 
Here are a few tips to make flying with kids under 5 a piece of cake. 

Have them carry on their own back pack
In the back pack bring some of their favorites: Small toys-we brought a small bear and some action figures
Books & colors
Snacks- crackers and fruit snacks work best nothing gooey or messy the dryer the better.

Dress comfortable and for the circumstances. a light sweater the planes can get chilly  but also dress light they can be very hot as well while boarding We did T-shirt, jeans and comfy shoes 

Potty trained? Back up clothing for potty trained kids. It helps to wear a training pant too The wait for stalls can be long. 

A small traveling cup. Sometimes flight attendants don’t have cups with lids and straws. It doesn’t hurt to ask. 

Make yourself known Introduce yourself to the flight attendants you will be surprised how helpful they are to try and make flight safe and calm For the kids. We were checked up on regularly by flight attendants. 

A portable movie player. We brought an iPad and headphones. We purchased a headphone splitter do that both kids could watch the movie on our player. Some flights have the option to purchase a movie or live tv cost ranges from $6 and up

lastly, if you have a layover make sure you give yourself enough time for restroom stops and to grab another snack or even meal. We found that even our 2 hour layover was pretty rushed.

As I mentioned before we had a great 2 flights to California. The kids did get a little cranky at the end of our second flight but I’m sure it was the time difference.  Once we got off the plane and the fresh air hit their faces they were excited to be in California!

Have you traveled with little ones?

What are your must haves for a smooth flight?

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