GUB’s Favorite Foods in TIJUANA


A few of our favorite foods in Tijuana

1-Tacos de adobada            4-Pan Dulce- Conchas
2-Tacos al vapor                  5-Sabritas Adobadas
3-Gelatinas con frutas
6- Dulce- Pulparindo de mango

Since a kid i’ve always been one to indulge in Tijuanas super yummy chucherias. The kids and I went to Tijuana this weekend for some more birthday surprises Grandma and Papuchoni had planned for the kids with our extended family in friends(stay tuned for pics)

Since our super long visit last year the kids have found a few favorites of their own.

Taco is always a must and tacos we ate. We had Adobada tacos one night That’s spicy grilled pork. Kids know these are dads favorites. The next day we had Tacos al Vapor. These are steamed tacos made of shredded beef.

Gelatinas con fruta is a little cup of flavored gelatin with little pieces of fruit. Kiddos loved these things just like I did as a kid. I think it’s the way you eat them and the way they feel in your mouth that they enjoyed the most. They got the hang of ripping the seal open quickly.

Of course we had to get freshly baked Pan Dulce. Conchas are always warm and soft. Perfect!

Sabritas Adobadas were on our top list because these were last years favorites. Best chips on Earth no question! If only we could get these to come to the East Coast for a low price. Do you remember how much I paid for them in PA? It wasn’t anywhere near what I paid for them this weekend that’s for sure!

Mexican Candies Pulparindo is delicious and now they have hard candy with different flavors.The kids weren’t a fan but mom was! I loveeeeeeeeee Pulparindo.

And this years favorite was definitely Nieve de Limon. While I had it in Diablito (Totally missed taking a picture) It has the lime ice cream and chile and a lot of other yumminess. The kids loved it just plain much like I did as a kid.

Taking the kids back to Tijuana always brings me back to the days where i would go on the weekends as a kid. The days were i was so carefree walked down the hill to see the farmer market and indulge in the yummy foods my second home had to offer.

Tijuana will forever be a highlight of visiting back home. We will be visiting again in a few weeks and staying a little longer before our return back to the East Coast.

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