Make Friends with Street Pass Mii Plaza #3M3DS

street pass_mii plaza  #3M3DS

By now you’ve seen that we are having so much fun with our Nintendo 3DS expierence and what better way then to start off with an animated person and new friends.

Nintendo 3DS offers great built-in-software, one being the Street Pass with Mii Plaza.

We already started making friends and it’s so easy.

My favorite part is we just carry the 3DS with us and people are automatically picked up from one  Nintendo signal to another. The best part is no personal information is shared so no worrying if identifying  information is being shared with strangers.

The kids loved creating their own Mii person. You can customize the person to look just like you! This kept us entertained, there are so many cool features!

3ds mii plaza

Once your Mii person is created you can start to share with others. Street Pass does need to be activated but it’s very simple. As long as your 3DS stays powered on even on sleep mode, if you pass another Nintendo 3DS user with a Mii they get added to your friends list.  

street pass_mii plaza  #3M3DS

It’s so exciting to find new Miis  and see what games they play as well.

Here are 5 reasons everyone should play Street Pass Plaza

1- No need for additional games- It’s already built in!
2-New Mii friends
3-Puzzle Swap- a game where you complete a 3D image by exchanging puzzle pieces with other players you meet via Street Swap
4- Find Me- A game where your Mii is captured and you have to battle your way through a series of rooms.
5- Make it a goal to see how many Mii’s you can collect while out and about!

For more information visit:
Mii Maker
Street Pass Mii Plaza

Disclosure: This is a compensated post for a series of post for Tres Meses de 3DS. However, the above are my true and honest statements.
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**Staged image: Kids playing Nintendo3DS is not compatible with NintendoDS for Street Pass.

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