Henry’s Freedom Box as told by Preschoolers

Have you ever heard a preschooler tell a story? How about Henry’s Freedom box as told by a preschoolers?

Well, someday’s I let the kids tell me stories. It helps to have books with pictures. Lately, they are pretty good at telling me stories even when we haven’t completely read a book. Their imagination is so innocent and sometimes I wish I could protect it.

Today’s story time consisted of our newest addition Henry’s Freedom Box or as Little Man requested “The man in the box”.


Little Lady was excited to tell me the story first. I sat and listened at first and then thought maybe I should record this. I decided to take pictures instead but let me tell you the story was more of a questioning.

Little lady points out “he’s like me mama and a boy like ‘Little Man'” They flipped through pages and told me about how this little boy was with his mom and brothers. “They are a family” Little Man point out.

When we reach Henry’s hand injury Little Lady says “He’s hurt and needs a bandaid”
I listened and nodded occasionally. I was relieved that they yet didn’t know this sad story to freedom. As important as it is, it’s still sad.

The the questions came without a breath it was almost a conversation between little man and little lady that just kept going.

“Why is he in the box?”- Little Lady
“Look he’s on the bottom”-Little Man
“Why are they pushing him?”-Little Lady

At this point their questions sounded with a bit of caution. They knew it wasn’t right but they didn’t know why he had to be in the box.

And as they got to the end of the book and they saw him come out the box it was almost a relief in their voice as they shouted “He Came Out!!!!”


I will be reading this book to the kids soon. I know I will have to answer some of their questions but I think I am prepared now.

Do you ever have kids tell you their version of stories first?

We are wrapping up our celebration of Black History Month though it really never ends for us. Next week we will be celebrating Mixed Heritage Week for the very first time. More on that later this week.

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