Smart choice for my family and budget #AngelSoft

angel soft now 2xs stronger
When my kids were getting potty trained I had the luxury of training them both at the same time. While I thought this would be easy it definitely was not. I had to get very creative.
They love the crafts we make, so one day I pointed out that some of the crafts we do consist of  left over toilet paper rolls. The only way to get those empty rolls is to go to the potty and really put the paper to use!
This got them excited and still ‘til this day I am reminded at the grocery store to stock up on toilet paper so that we can make more crafts with our empty rollsangel soft now 2xs stronger
It’s good to know that Angel Soft Toilet Paper comes in the value we love, so it’s easy on the pockets and still provides an ideal balance of softness and strength!
I know my kids are getting what we paid for even if they just think it’s for the crafting rolls. What can you expect from preschoolers?

I think we may need to come up with some toilet paper crafts soon I mean why wouldn’t we? Angel Soft has Softshield layers making them stronger than ever and hold up better when wet!  Now that’s what I’m talking about! Our potty and crafting experiences can now be 2x’s stronger thanks to Angel Soft! It’s a smart choice for my family and budget!


I’ll be sure to update you when we master a craft with toilet paper for now how about I help out with the cost of your next toilet paper purchase?

Grab the coupon here: 

For more information about Angel Soft visit: 

Disclosure:This is part of a sponsored campaign with Latina Mom Bloggers and Angel Soft. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

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