Hybrid riding on GUBcation #EcoFriendlyConKIA

GUBCATION RIDE ecofriendlyconkia
GUBcation has been unbelievably amazing and busy. If you follow us on Instagram and Twitter you may have seen us use 2 hashtags #GUBcation and #EcoFriendlyConKIA

We were excited to receive a 2013 KIA Optima Hybrid on EarthDay to kick off our vacation! I have made it a conscious effort to not only be awesome to our planet by being eco-friendly but also to save some money to benefit our family.

The kids were so excited to go on our adventures. They kept calling it Mama’s new care… I wish!

ready to ride ecofriendlyconkia

The car was so roomy! The kids fit perfect and loved having their sippy cups in the middle compartment that folded down. Their favorite feature was definitely the double sunroof. I thought it was very cool too!

Having the Hybrid for a little over a week really showed me the difference between my regular gas car and an electric car. I loved how hi-tech the Optima was too.
gubcation ecofriendlyconkia

I can’t wait to share how much we saved by having this KIA Hybrid and or course the awesome features.

Stay tuned!

Disclosure: This is not a compensated post. KIA did provide us with a vehicle loan for review purposes only. The above are our true and honest opinions.

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