DIY Thanksgiving Placemats for Kids

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.

Thanksgiving Kids Craft placemats

It’s almost Thanksgiving! Aside from looking forward to the amazing meal we enjoy, I love sitting at the table to catch up with the family.Every year I have the kids craft something to remember our time during this holiday. This year I had Little Man and Little Lady help out with a special project to make their Thanksgiving meal a little more special than usual. We created these super cool Thanksgiving placemats.

We headed on over to Walmart to pick up our supplies All under $15!
To make these cool DIY Thanksgiving Placemats you will need:

•Contact Paper- found in the Home Improvement  area at Walmart
•Free Printable- download below
•Colored paper or crayons- If you plan to cut out your printable shapes on cardstock you don’t need crayons but if you wish for the kids to color their own then definitley will need crayons to color.
•Glue- to piece your shapes together
•Washi-tape- optional
•One helper- preferably an adult to put your placemat together!


Let’s get started!

Print out the printable! Decided whether you will color or cut each piece separately on your colored paper.
Once all cut and colored piece each shape together. Each shape has 2 parts a top and bottom except the turkey that has all it’s parts on one page.

For the turkey: Glue the feathers to the back of the bottom half then glue the head onto the bottom closer to the top. Glue the beak and gobble! All done! Let it dry for a few minutes.

For the Acorn+Corn+Pumpkin + Pie: Glue the tops to the bottoms as pictured. Let them dry for a few minutes too!

Working with Contact Paper

This is when you will need two adults to help put your placemats together. You will  need 2 pieces 11 inches in length. You will first remove the protecting sheet away from one sheet of contact paper. Be sure you are working in a clean surface, everything sticks to contact paper. Place your contact paper with the sticky part faced up. Place your thanksgiving shapes face up as well. Be sure you decided before placing them down where you want them, again contact paper is very sticky. Next have one person stand at the top of the contact paper and another towards the bottom. Remove the protecting sheet and have one person hold the top of the contact sticky paper at the top and one at the bottom. Working from the top lay your contact paper over gently and as evenly as possible once the two sheets touch it is almost impossible to separate without ruining your work. gently spread over to lock in the shapes. If you have little bubbles you can try to spread them out but don’t worry too much about them. At the end you can hardly tell you have bubbles. Finish by cutting and uneven areas or access contact paper.

Decorate with Washi tape- Optional

Add some fun to the edges by using colorful washi-tape this is totally optional but it adds some more color and fun to your new placemats!



We couldn’t wait to use our placemats and since contact paper is semi waterproof we can reuse these placemats all month long!

thanksgiving craft kids placemats

Let us know if you make DIY Thanksgiving placemats of your own! We can’t wait to see! 

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