Family Game Night for the Holidays: Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Just Dance 2014

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Our family is a gaming family especially during the holiday celebrations. We gather to not only to celebrate but to catch up, eat, and have a great time.

We love playing board games, interactive games and even video games. The WiiU has become one of the best family game times with up to 5 players on some games.

This year we have a few games to look forward to sharing with the rest of the family including  Lego: Marvel Super Heroes and Just Dance 2014!

Lego: Marvel Super Heroes

What we loved:

We loved the look of the characters and the play modes on Lego Marvel. The old and new powers for each character as well as the vehicles they can drive and fly were very fun. Every time you play you can be someone different with over 100 playable characters! Plus, we get to explore the game with New powerful BIG-figs like Hulk and Abomination. On the WiiU, there can be up to 3 players; one on the pad and two on controllers with a nunchuck attachment.

lego marvel - game play

Why it’s a great family game
Playing this game is just as fun as watching it. You never know what new thing your players will do or find. The adventure with the super heroes creates hours of fun. My family teams up one adult with one kid and when the missions get too hard we switch off to battle the bad guys!

What we loved:
Just Dance 2014 has some of the best music and dance moves. It’s not only fun to play but it can be a total work out! We loved playing this game because it vacate a fun completion of perfect scores  and dance moves. The dances were easy to follow along but definitely had the option to get competitive.

just dance 2014

Why it’s a great family game 
This is a great family game because it can be played with up to 5 players on the WiiU. With a new party master mode the person on the pad can pick the next dance move. It had everyone in our family dancing along even when it wasn’t their turn. It promises lots of fun and great music.

just dance 2014_aladdin

Watch our cool moves for Just Dance

Just Dance 2014 is available for WiiU and Wii, Playstation 3&4, Xbox one and Kinect 360 Purchase it at Walmart Retail Price $35.69

Do you play games with your family during the holidays? Share below we’d love to hear all about it! 

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