DIY Chinese New Year: Lucky Chinese Lanterns

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Little Man has been introduced to a variety of new cultures and traditions now that he is in school. I loved how excited he came home to share what he learned with Little Lady during the holiday season. To not have Little Lady feel left out, I decided to learn and teach her about other traditions too and what better opportunity than Chinese New Year.

Little Lady was so excited to see these two red and gold paper lanterns hanging today in our home. She didn’t know why they were up or what they meant. Soon I’d be sharing how Lucky these Chinese Lanterns are!

To make these Piñata Style Lucky Chinese Lanterns here is what you will need:


Lucky Chinese Lanterns for kids _ supplies

5- sheets of red cardstock 8.5×11
2- tissue boxes small squared ones
3- different ribbon- two red one gold fancy one
glitter glue
TIP: Head over to your one stop shop Walmart where all these supplies are available in the craft department. Walmart made choosing ribbon accents easy. With a variety of colors and types each ranging as low as 55 cents to 3 dollars!

Let’s make our Chinese Lanterns

Before you get started carefully poke two holes on the bottom of your tissue box.
Lace ribbon in and tie on the other side of the tissue box toward the opening. Use at lease 17inches this will be for hanging.
Attach another ribbon at least 12 inches in length to the hanging ribbon through the inside this will be used later.
Tuck all ribbon into the box and set aside.
The opening of your tissue box will now serve as your pocket and the bottom of your lantern.


Fold your card stock the long way. Using your tissue box as a guide for where the folds must go. You will need 2 folds on each sheet. The fold should be at 4 3/8 then measure again from the first fold.
You can also just free hand the fold by pressing the paper against tissue box and gluing as you go.
TIP: if you are working with younger kids try double sided tape.


Glue the cardstock to your box only glue at the edges this will keep your paper crisp and call for less time to dry.
Glue the larger flaps over the smaller ones to make a clean designed lantern with all sides being the same.


Glue your accent gold fancy ribbon around the bottom of your lantern. There is no need to cut your ribbon for each side just wrap it around as you glue it on.


Using some red cardstock make a small card. Be sure it fits into your lantern bottom hole opening.
Secure some lucky money for the kids and wrap the remaining ribbon leaving a little to be pulled on to reveal the surprise!


Lastly, using glitter glue add the Chinese Character for the Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the Horse and this is the character for horse.


Hang your lanterns and surprise the kids for a great celebration of Chinese New Year!


Their faces will light up when the surprise is revealed piñata style!


Here is what we’ve learned about Chinese New Year:
•Chinese new year celebration is the biggest celebration of the year in China.
•It is celebrated according to the new moon.
•Chinese people believe in the lunar calendar which has 12 year cycles each named by an animal. •Traditionally the celebrations can last upto 15 days ending on the day of the full moon.
•People celebrate by decorating their homes in red and gold decorations.
•Red represents luck and gold represents wealth.
Chinese decorations are used to scare away the evil and bring in the luck
•Red envelopes are given are given to single people and kids by married people to bring goodluck!

Love our craft PIN IT for later!


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