DIY Reyes Magos Plastic Bottle Craft for Kids

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Every year we celebrate Dia de Los Reyes Magos, The Three Wise Men, not only because I celebrated as a child but because it is an important tradition that brings me back to teach my kids about our culture.

This year we created some easy DIY Reyes Magos decor for our home. We used simple products you may already have at home and others that are super affordable at Walmart. I love taking the kids down the craft department at Walmart because they have a variety of supplies that make our crafts really awesome!

Here is what you will need to make your own Bottle Reyes Magos


  • 3 plastic bottles with bulky lids- we used creamer bottles.
  • Glitter- in gold and silver – you will need at least a whole container $2.77 each for 4oz at Walmart
  • Mod Podge
  • Craft Felt- We got a great deal on a 12 pk at Walmart for $2.88
  • Wiggly Eyes- This variety size pack was a great deal you will need at least 3 pair of eyes $1.97 at Walmart
  • Jewels- A pack of 120 is $2.97 at walmart
  • Tacky Glue- works great for felt and plastic
  • scissors

Let’s make these Bottle Three Wise Men!
DIY Plastic Bottle Reyes Magos- Mod Podge and Glitter

Make sure your bottles are clean and dry. Add a generous amount of Mod Podge into the bottle. Secure the lid and shake. You want to cover every area of the bottle. Once fully coated add some glue secure the lid and shake!

DIY Plastic Bottle Reyes Magos- repeat bottle decorating

Have the kids shake the bottles until fully coated. You want them to look like the photo above.
Leave your bottles to dry to the side. Remove the lids.

DIY Plastic Bottle Reyes Magos- glitter bottle tops

Using a paintbrush, brush some mod podge over the lid and sprinkle with glitter.
We used a brown paper back as our glitter station it makes for easy clean up!

TIP: Make 2 bottles gold and one silver and two tops silver and one gold for a cool look to the Three Wise Men!

DIY Plastic Bottle Reyes Magos- ready to decorate glitter bottles

Once getting dry this is what they will look like! You can stop here if you want to add a classy chic look to your home but if you have the kids around than you will definitely want to dress them up!

DIY Plastic Bottle Reyes Magos- kings cape
You will need 2 pieces of felt per king that is a total of 6 sheets of felt! Pick contrasting colors to make their wardrobe fun!

Fold an edge down to create a perfect square you will need to cut the access off the side. Once you are left with a square you will need to cut thru the middle to create 2 triangles. You will only need one. This will be your kids cape!

DIY Plastic Bottle Reyes Magos- kings beard and clothes

Your next sheet of felt you will cut 3/4 off this will create your clothes for your king. To add a little fun use scraps of felt from another king. Cut a design, we used a triangle, into the clothes and with the glue adhere the scrap of felt. It should give it a great look.

Make a beard: To make a beard cut a bib like pattern and trim using free hand cloud inspired.
Do the same for all Three Wise Men

Let’s put our kings together
DIY Plastic Bottle Reyes Magos- build bottle reyes magos

Glue the clothes first securing with glue at the back this will be covered by our cape.
Drape the cape over the top around the neck area of the bottle. Secure with a dot of glue between the cape.

Let’s decorate!
DIY Plastic Bottle Reyes Magos-decorate the kings

Add eyes and jewels to your Three Wise Men!Make each different. Once done secure the beard by gluing at the top portions of the beards close to their face.

All done!
DIY Plastic Bottle Reyes Magos- home decor

We hope your family has a great time creating this easy DIY bottle Reyes Magos craft!
Place in your home or outdoors to bring some Three Wise Men Cheer to your home!

Feliz Dia De Los Reyes Magos
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