Easy DIY: Funfetti Mini Cakes for 100 School Days Celebration

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Little Man came home with a project last week to celebrate his 100 days of school. I honestly didn’t understand what the project was since I had never heard of such celebration but seeing how excited he was and how much snow we’ve had it was the perfect celebration we needed this month!


This is the poster Little Man and I worked on all weekend. Working on this project gave me a clear view at just how much he’s grown. He expresses him self a lot more and also his interest are showing. We’ve always known he loves Legos and Spiderman but to see him talk about mummies and astronauts and his love for oranges really got me to learn more about my son. We also knew how much he dislikes cheese!


To celebrate Little Lady and I baked cakes from our Smucker’s First Taste box! Did you know Pillsbury dry shelf products is one of their brands? We had just received a box full of products that are new in the market. Funfetti in aqua blue with Funfetti orange frosting YUM!

We baked in small springform pans perfect size for the littles!


Little Lady  helped me make our own whipped cream filling from our Tres Leches cakes recipe  It’s delicious and so easy to make!


After dinner I had the kids make their dessert! Little Man was so excited to see blue cakes! I had the kids make their own Funfetti Mini Cakes.


First cut the cakes in half. Spread whipped cream filling and place the top on. Add some Funfetti Orange frosting and sprinkle with stars!

Our celebration cakes were so easy to make and so much fun for the kids.
Love our Funfetti Mini Cakes pin for later! 



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