Waffle Day: Banana Nut Waffles

As the cook of my little family I always try to find new ways to fix different meal to keep my family happy and liking my cooking. The wife loves my waffles. When we first got married we had a hello kitty waffle iron and I would make her waffles every saturday morning. 
I decide to put a little twist on the families breakfast favorites pairing up waffles and the wifes favorite banana nut muffins. 
By adding bananas and walnuts into their favorite waffle, I made a hit! I want to share with you so hopefully your family enjoys it too for waffle day March 25th!
Let’s make Banana Nut Waffles

banana nut waffles ingredients

2 bananas
½ cup walnuts
You favorite waffle mix( we use Hungry Jack’s Complete Buttermilk)
2 tbs of vanilla extract
Prepare waffle mix as instructed on box  and add the 2 tbs of vanilla extract
If you want to make from scratch feel free I use box mix because it saves me time and the family likes it. 
P.S. Did you know the wife doesn’t like when I change up her favorites? Now you know!
Yields 6 waffles 

banana nut waffles ingredients blended


Peel bananas and add them to blender with ½ cup of walnuts. Blend unit mixture becomes batter like texture ( it’s ok to still have a few small walnut chunks)

banana nut waffles batter

Add the banana walnut mix to your waffle batter and mix until combined.

banana nut waffle iron

Next heat your waffle iron. 
Add batter and cook for about 1:30 if your waffle iron is the flipp kind Be sure to cook according to your appliance. 

banana nut waffles

Once waffles are done serve with your favorite waffle toppings. I suggest fresh sliced bananas and more walnuts with a little syrup. 


banana-nut waffle


Serve and enjoy! 

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