Loving Our Earth- Exploring a Veggie Greenhouse with Kids


For Earth day we’ve focused on the need to teach our kids how to recycle and care in other ways for our Earth but this year I wanted to bring a little more of the Earth into our lives. The kids and I decided to explore a veggie greenhouse!

We’ve been talking about a little garden but will be honest we are a little overwhelmed at the idea of starting one and failing so we wanted to try baby steps so we can get it right the first time and be able to continue it!

We invested in a Mickey Mouse Greenhouse Vegetable Garden. It was super affordable and totally showed our DisneySide! We picked up ours at Walmart (no this isn’t a sponsored post just wanted to share our new adventure) It was only $10 and came with everything we needed to get get started including seeds and planting mix.

The instructions were super easy and I had the kids do most of the work! They each picked a seed to care for too!

First we watered our planting mix and watched it expand! That was interesting we still have some left over so we got plenty for our plants!

Next Little Lady planted her cucumbers! She opened up the seeds and was so excited!

Little Man plante tomatoes! He was a pro and shared he talked about gardening at school recently.

Lastly I planted the Sweet Peppers, placed all our seeds in the greenhouse and topped it with the lid. I love how easy this was and how excited this has made the kids to give back to our Earth.

As a friend on FB, who is passionate about sustainability, wrote ” it’s nice when the rest of the world celebrates too!”

Let’s continue to acknowledge our Earth and give it love. 
The littlest of efforts count! How did you help our Earth today?

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