New Beginnings- Little Lady is off to school

Our family is preparing for some new beginnings! Little Lady is officially starting Kinder! Tomorrow is a HUGE day for her she will be attending her orientation and meeting her teacher who isn’t a surprise because she’s currently Little Man’s teacher but she will be meeting her new classmates!

I feel like it was just yesterday I was teaching this little peanut to walk and now she can even drive–at disneyland of course but she drives! haha!

Little Lady keeps changing her mind, like she has a choice, on whether she wants to start school this fall. We keep reassuring her but she gets this crazy anxiety just talking about it on her sad days. I’m talking tears and pleads to stay home with mama. It’s pretty crazy and totally unexpected.

I never thought she’d be the one attached to me but she has been.  She’s never left my side aside for my trips here and there and really It’s only been a year that she has stopped the tears at the news of me having to travel. 

She continues to wander over in the A.M. to my bed and ends up waking up next to me not in the middle of dad and I but on the very corner of where I am she squeezes in. I guess you can say the signs have always been there I just never knew it would be this difficult for her.

On her happy days, she is so happy to talk about taking the bus and meeting brother at school. We assure her she will make lots of friends just like she does everywhere we go, she is afterall our talkative child.

I am so excited for her and I really hope tomorrow brings happiness to our new beginnings.

Now the hubs and I must plan out what to do with the 4 hours of free time we will be getting this fall! 

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