5 TIPS for Throwing a Disney Junior Summer Bash for kids #DisneyJuniorFamilia

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Our Disney Junior Summer Bash was such a hit with our guest that before our friends left we were asked when the next party would be. Needless to say, my planning and extra attention to details totally paid off!

I wasn’t always into throwing parties especially kid parties with pools! Something about having all the food ready, kids and parents happy and keeping safety a priority kinda made me go crazy. This however, wasn’t the case this time with so much planning and support our party was a totall success! This is why I thought I’d share with you 5 tips for throwing your own Disney Junior Summer Bash!!!

5 TIPS for Throwing a Disney Junior Summer Bash

1- Plan- Plan a budget, a guestlist, and everything in between. Consider smalls goals for when invites need to be sent, shopping and prep needs to be done.

  • Check out this party planning template it helped me get all my thoughts in one area and it was easy to check off what I had already done.

2-Mix-  Don’t be afraid to mix all your kids favorite Disney Junior characters. To make things smoother designate a character an an activity or table.

  • We had a party with Doc, Sofia, Jake and Mickey’s Clubhouse friends! Our invite let our guest know what to expect!

3-Personalize- Get creative with your party personalize your food menu, gift bags & party activities like a photo opportunity! These can be best done with simple DIYs. 

4-Play- Have fun! Play games and have prizes! Get inspired Make your own or get creative with games you used to love at parties as a kid Give them a new twist like our Jake balloon hunt that turned into Clubhouse  hot balloon toss!

5-Thank- Thank your guest for coming with a special gift bag or favor. You want them to remember how amazing your party was! Check out our custom Jake from the Neverland Pirates goody bags!

Pin our image as a reminder for your next party! 

Be sure to share your DisneyJuniorFamilia fun moments You may see your photo on TV!

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