Back to School Hairstyles with Johnson’s no more tangles

Disclosure:This is a sponsored post. I am a JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Blogger Ambassador

We are about a week away from school starting! The clothes, backpacks, lunch-boxes ideas, and even some cool new hairstyles have been practiced for this school year! I’d say we are ready for Back to School but I must be honest Hairstyles had me the most worried!

Little Lady’s usually ok with having her wild curls just blow in the wind but at school I know she’d need to have it up and away from her face.

Doing a regular pony tail or pig-tails wouldn’t cut it but doing her curly hair get’s a little challenging as it continues to grow!

Lucky for me and Little Lady we have Johnson’s no more tangles products to help us with this issue!

I detangle her hair with the detangling spray because it can be used wet or dry! I did so to get some practice on some cute but simple hairstyles. There were no tears or little girls lost in this hairstyles test!

HairStyle: Flip Pony

Step 1- Detangle hair with Johnon’s no more tangles Detangling spray
Step 2- Comb thru and create a low pony and secure with a hair-tie
Step 3- Split the hair above the hair-tie and make a hole
Step 4- Swing your pony tail thru the hole and pull.
Step 5- Pull at the ends to secure and tighten your Flip Pony!
Step 6- Add a cute bow and all set to walk out the door!

The finish look is just so cute and stylish! I love that the Flip Pony was easy to do even on thick curly hair.

Little Lady loved having her hair away from her face and this was ideal for school!
Look at her hair in action!
What are some of your favorite hairstyles for school days?

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