Labor Day Decor- DIY Patriotic Frames

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I love getting the kids involved in decorating our home to celebrate special holidays. This Labor Day I wanted to share why it’s important to celebrate being an American, a title I hardly ever use to define us. But I also wanted to celebrate the achievements of our family’s hard work!

This easy DIY is so simple it can be a great activity for kids during your Labor Day gatherings!

DIY simple and easy Wooden Patriotic Frames with Glitter

For this craft you will need the following supplies which are all available at your local Walmart!
-Mod Podge
-Wooden Frames- Walmart carries a variety of unfinished wooden frames and letters Get craft!
-Glitter Red, White, and Blue
-Brushes or Sponge applicators
-working space covered in paper
-Pictures or kids art

Let’s Make Star Shaped Patriotic Frames!

Decide how you want to decorate your frame
To try the easy stripped tri-color design simply pain on the mod podge one section at a time and glitter the same. We started at the top with red.
-Work over a separate layer of removable paper to save excess glitter and easy transfer back into the container.
-If glitter gets over a color simply dab mod podge over the mess up and glitter with the correct color.
Easy Kids Craft

Have the kids create their own designs using Red, White, and Blue! My Little Lady loved making a splash effect. To Recreate this design simple work one color at at time. Use mod podge on your brush to make dots all over your frame. Working one color at a time again and filling in the area with all white glitter when done!


Allow your frames to dry for at least 2hrs before you can display them. Put your favorite family photos or display your kids art in them.

I asked my kids to draw a patriotic picture. Little Man remembers doing the pledge of allegiance in school. Little Lady loves walking by our neighbors flag pole and seeing the beautiful flowers that grow around it!

How do you get your kids involved on Patriotic Holidays?
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