Officially Back to School

The day came for the kiddos to go back to school! I must admit as prepared as I thought I was things can change.

The alarms went off but I failed to get up. I am still not a morning person. Lucky for me I had set up everything to go off an hour early so I was still ahead of the game.

The hubs didn’t realize his college classes started earlier and so he missed the kiddos first days and seeing them off on the bus. While we were kinda bummed we were happy to know he’d make it for early pick up from the bus stop!


This year I didn’t forget first day of school pics! I had our signs ready thank goodness because of our Back to School party!

Little Man was up first bright and early! No grumpy faces here! I packed little man’s lunch and prepared his backpack! He rode the bus with the big kids and shared he was a little scared but soon eased up. We didn’t know most of the kids on the bus but I am sure he made friends because as soon as he got on someone sat next to him on the bus! He’s officially in First grade!

Little Lady has late start or pm kinder so her bus came in the afternoon. We had fun talking while we did her hair and prepared for her first bus ride to school. She wasn’t scared or nervous. She even jumped right on to the bus as soon as it arrived waving at the familiar faces and of course little man’s past bus driver. It was a sweet moment to see my little one let go of my hand and go well on her way to a new beginning.

My kiddos are growing so fast. I called my mom on my walk home. It was a lonely walk home. She said “Are you having empty nest syndrome” WHAT? My mom is cray! She would say that. I teared up but no ugly face cry here. I am happy for my babies and they came home so excited about their first day of school!

I look forward to an amazing school year!
How did your kids do on the first day of school?

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