DIY Duck Tape Halloween Photo Backdrop

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program. 

Earlier this month we had a super fun Halloween kids costume party. I like doing making DIY’s and crafts for the kids and party decor because I feel it really gives parties a personal touch.

This time I had a few rolls of Duck Tape in perfect halloween colors and an empty box that if unfolded I knew would make an awesome photo backdrop for the kids at our party!

Doing the photo backdrop only took 20mins and 4 rolls of Duck Tape!

-A large box unfolded or large piece of cardboard (think of the height of your little guests)
-Duck Tape Rolls in suggested colors: OrangeBlack and Purple

Walmart has a variety of Duck Tape. I especially love the printed rolls and the glow in the dark. Get creative and even have the kiddos help! The best part is rolls are so affordable as low as $2.50 a roll making this craft cost as low as $10!

Layout your unfolded box and start lining the tape in straight lines or in fun designs.
Leave some extra tape at the ends to fold over to the back to secure your tape stays on.

I found it easy to place the tape down on the floor on one end as I worked on getting it across the box. I later returned and lifted the tape and folded it over to the other side of the box to secure it.

It’s seriously that easy!

Working with Duck Tape on this project is very forgiving because the more texture the better so don’t make this perfect give it some personality and try different patterns!

Leave the edge of your box clear of tape so that it can be folded over to the back and help your backdrop standalone. It also was a great way to give our guest some privacy in the back to change into many fun costumes we had for them to try on!

Our guest enjoyed capturing their costumes and silly faces in front of our Duck Tape photo backdrop! I am sure your guest will too!
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