Reuse and Reduce with CleanPath

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reuse and reduce with cleanpath
When it comes to cleaning products I look for two things. I like making my cleaning duties a better experience. I look for a great deal because I like to save. I also love a great smelling product because I like having my experience be somewhat enjoyable. When I heard about CleanPath helping to reuse and reduce well I was all about it!

I recently used CleanPath  in my home for cleaning and everyday use. CleanPath is a new line of cleaning products available exclusively at Walmart.  It’s a little different than your usual plastic bottles of cleaners. CleanPath comes as a two-piece product- a reusable bottle and refill pod.This was done with the intention to save money, time and waste for the consumer, us!!!

The idea came from entrepreneur, Jason Foster who realized that we were paying for a costly disposable bottle with WATER (something we already have at home) because the typical cleaner has about 10% cleaning solution to 90% of water! Wasteful indeed! So he created CleanPath!

Getting CleanPath Bottles filled

cleanpath easy squeeze and fill reusable bottles
I received a few bottles to try out and I instantly fell in love with the hand soap scent of Water Lily. I told the hubs it reminded me of a swanky Miami Beach hotel we stayed at. I also received the bathroom cleaner and multi-purpose cleaner in a light scent of Sun Lemon. The bottles were sleek and I liked having the instructions all over the package but still in a clear label to allow me to see my product. Setting up our CleanPath products Easy. The bottle comes with one refill and it’s pretty simple to get started.

Twist off refill, remove foil seal, twist back on and squeeze cleaner into bottle. 

So the squeezing took a little more pressure than I thought but none the less it was easy to fill the cute egg shaped measuring cup inside the bottle. Once you fill up to the line you flip over and all the cleaning fluid gets disposed into the actual bottle.

You twist off the spray top and slowly add water. Beware if you have the water going in at full force it will create suds so go slow.

Once filled you twist your spray top back on and you’re ready to use! Ya it’s that easy!

I did this to each of my CleanPath products and put them right to use! 

So what did I think? Here are my 5 reasons to use CleanPath

5 reasons to use cleanpath in your home

  1. Easy cleaning- The hand soap and cleaners are easy to put together to use and are as efficient as other cleaners on the market.
  2. Refilling save me money- A bottle( bottle with refill pod) costs $3.58. The refill pods thereafter only cost $2.28. If each refill pod  refills up to 3 bottles (48 fl oz= 1,000+ sprays) you are only paying about $1 per bottle after your first refill and even less the next time!
  3. Antibacterial Cleaner- This is important for my family because we have kiddos that touch everything everywhere!
  4. Less Waste- Aside from saving money from reusing the bottles we are creating less waste and this is important to conserve our Earth.
  5. Great Scents- While the scents don’t linger as ofter as I like they do smell amazing and make the tasks at hand enjoyable. 

Overall CleanPath products kept me happy. I found that the foaming soap has laster longer in our bathroom  with the most use because of it’s foaming component. I also enjoy that the cleaners are clear and that there aren’t any chemical fumes coming thru when I spray to clean my bathroom. Most of all I am happy that a small change is saving me money and reuse and reduce waste!

I look forward to refilling them when the time comes and I’m excited to pick up the hand sanitizer.\

Find CleanPath in stores and at and try the 3 scents available in Natural Spring, Water Lily and Sun Lemon.

When it comes to cleaning products what do you look for?

Would you consider refill pods like CleanPath?

5 reasons to use cleanpath

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