GUBing Thanks- Teaching Kids to Write Thank You Cards + Printable

GUBing thanks- teaching kids to be thankful

Every year I take on the season of Giving better know as Thanksgiving holiday to teach my kids about gratitude, giving back,  and sharing it all with you, our readers! GUBing Thanks this year to our family means teaching our kids to be thankful.

I take great pride in the manners, morals, and values I was raised with. My parents did a pretty awesome job at raising good kids. Just recently my brother wrote the following message.

I’ve come to notice that the words ” Thank You” or “Thanks” have slowly been losing their meaning. These words are becoming non-existent in today’s day-to-day world.

This all as a result from interacting with people.  People feeling entitled or just being rude!  My brother is in his 20’s and he could be just as rude as others but I believe my parents raised him to be kind and respectful so it’s only natural for him to feel the way he does when day to day activities are ignored.

I took that as a perfect reminder to continue to raise kind kids with manners, morals, values. Kids that understand when I say “what do we say” They are reminded to say Thank you!

Since the kids are now in school and are writing and reading this was the perfect year to teach them the power of a handwritten note. It’s great to be able to say thank you but expressing your gratitude thru words to a specific individual is valuable and like my brother, I believe this is a lost act of kindness.

teaching kids to be thankful

With a simple notecard I sat the kids down and asked them to write a note to daddy to thank him for something. Little Man thanked daddy for cooking us dinner with a sweet note. He made it his own by adding little hearts.  Little Lady decided to draw a photo of her and daddy from a time he remembered she wanted cotton candy because even though kids may not be able to write complete sentences like Little Lady, a drawn picture is a great start.

Now you can DIY: Download our free printable of Kids Thank you NoteCards with lines and Thank you NoteCards with Blanks 

Thank you notecards for kids

How do you teach your kids to be thankful?

Do you write thank you notes or cards?


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