Walmart Giveaway: The Spark That Brings Us Joy Can be Yours Too

5th gubday


This year I celebrated my one year anniversary of being part of the Walmart Moms Program. Aside from sharing crafts, recipes and seasonal items I LOVE getting to know the associates and chatting with them. I am the first to tell you i visit my Walmart stores a few times a week. I do most if not all of my shopping there. 

Let me say first that this is NOT a sponsored post or giveaway I personally want to share my Walmart love with our GUBreaders because we honestly love going to Walmart.

It’s especially cool when I visit Walmart HQ and then see how things unfold at my local stores like the recent Black Friday and of course the HOLIDAY services like my favorite checkout promise. Look let me tell you that I personally had to see this happen. Waiting isn’t my favorite so any free lines the hubs and I race to. So when I heard all check out lanes would be open on the front end I had to see it for myself. I even took photos YA I sure did! 

Anyways I hope you’ve enjoyed my Walmart Mom Program sponsored post throughout this year because i’ve had fun creating and sharing. I will even say I’ve challenged myself in many ways to improve my photography, videography and even writing. When a brand invests in you the feeling and hustle is mutual! I can’t thank Walmart enough for allowing me to grow as a blogger. 

So with that How about a Walmart Giveaway provided by the GUBfamily!


gubday walmart giveaway


Enter to win a $50 eGIFT card that’s right, we will email the winner the gift card once the winner is chosen! so enter below!

gubday walmart giveaway-

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    • Ruby says

      Hi Joan Sorry for not contacting you sooner. I will be in touch with you this week with your e-gift card Thanks for your patience and for entering.

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