Holiday Gift Ideas: Zoomer Dino

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post as a participant in the Walmart Moms Program.zoomer dino
My son asked me for a DINO! Ya this years hot toy and one of the Chosen by Kids top 20 toys is the Zoomer Dino!

If you’re curious as to how this Dino works Check out this quick video:

zoomer dino at walmart

Here is what you need to know Zoomer Dino is like a pet. He chomps, roars, dances and spins, and can even be trained! He is trained either by the movement of your hand or by controlling him with his remote. He is pretty cool! He measures a little over 10inches tall and has amazing balance thanks to True Balance Technology.

My kids loved hearing him chomp and roar. He is so smart too he can sense where things are around the house as he explores and can sense when you’re around too! 

zoomer dino red eyes green eyes
But beware he can get pretty angry when his tail is being pulled on and his eyes turn from green to red.

Overall, Boomer, the Zoomer Dino, is cool. While it does take time to train him it keeps kids entertained and interested in learning to use a remote to learn all his features. I recommend this for kids over the age of 5 that aren’t afraid of fast moving toys or roaring sounds. 


Zoomer Dino is available at Walmart for $79.88 in green and purple.  Be sure to pick up 3 AAA batteries and have a screwdriver handy!  Don’t worry about Boomer’s sounds they aren’t overly loud and annoying they’re pretty cute except for the occasional burp or fart (kids love this kind of stuff right?).

Also be sure to use Savings Catcher thru the Walmart app to confirm you get the lowest price! It’s easy to use just scan your receipts after you make a purchase right on the app!  Remember, Walmart  also price matches to guarantee you get the lowest prices bring your ad or simply mention it to the associates at check out and they can verify it for you!

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Add Zoomer Dino to your holiday gift list!

Holiday gift idea zoomer dino- 

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