Riding in Style in a 2015 Mazda 6

Disclosure: I was loaned a Mazda 6 for review purposes only. riding in style in a mazda 6

My 30’s couldn’t have had a better start. I am all about celebrating life with my kids and having alone time with the hubs. Celebrating my 30th birthday was just exactly that but this year we kicked things off in style. I knew the hubs had a few plans up his sleeve, he never disappoints so I arranged for a Mazda 6 to be delivered just in time.

Finding a vehicle to go from family time and travel to fancy time with the hubs can be difficult in our family SUV so I was happy this 2015 mid sized Mazda 6 with leather seats and other awesome features. My birthday weekend was set to be amazing!

mazda 6- great for family road trips in style

During one of our outings as a family we were able to travel comfortably with the kids. Finding legroom for car seat kiddos is important to us and I was happy not to have my passenger seat pushed forward or kicked by little legs.

mazda 6- comfort for family

The kids both loved being able to sit with some space and their own divider aka armrest. The car seats fit fine and we had enough trunk space to carry all our shopping bags from being out and about.

mazda 6- accessible audiomazda 6- music on touch screen
My favorite feature has to be the multifunction commander control. Ya, it’s that round button in the center console. I loved being able to have everything at arms reach from switching the music, viewing the navigation and making calls. It came in very handy! Not to mention the pandora bluetooth preset that automatically linked up to my phone and displayed all my favorite stations!

mazda 6- luxury ride

But best of all is when the hubs set up my birthday date night and we went from family traveling to fancy time. The night felt so luxurious! This red Mazda 6 Matched my lips and name. It was the perfect Ruby Red weekend!

mazda 6

It was hard to let go of this Mazda 6 but i’m happy I had the opportunity from DriveSTI to make my birthday weekend amazing!


See us in action with this Mazda 6 in our Vlogs

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