Easter DIY: Tattooed Cascarones and Decorative Chalkboard Eggs

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For Easter my family makes Cascarones. It’s one of those fun traditions I remember getting excited for as a kid. My Nana would save our morning breakfast egg shells and made sure to only puncture the bottom to remove the eggs. While they were never really decorated, I remember the colorful explosions after being cracked over someone’s head. This year while I’m not looking forward to the confetti mess I am excited to decorate beautiful eggs with our family so Tattooed eggs have become the theme. From tattooed cascarones to decorative chalkboard eggs whatever your choice I’m confident you’ll love how simple and beautiful these tattoos make easter egg decorating so fun!

Make Tattooed Cascarones for Easter

tattoed cascarones-supplies

The inspiration came from a photo I saw in a magazine with kiddie tattoos. I had been shopping at Walmart not to long ago and bought a few of these Jewlery tattoos but couldn’t think of how to use them aside from putting them on our skin but Easter has become the perfect time to use them! 

You will need:

  • Jewelry tattoos from Walmart
  • Hollowed eggs for cascarones or decorative eggs if you just want to make something pretty Walmart has white eggs and chalkboard eggs
  • Masking tape
  • confetti glitter mix for filling cascarones- We used a hole puncher and colorful paper make your own with glitter and paper!
  • Scissors

How to put tattoos on Eggs

tattoed cascarones- work area

Set up a clean working area and cut out your tattoos.

You can pre-measure around your eggs or just simply cut a strip that will cover half of your egg it’s up to you.

tattoed cascarones- apply tattoo

Place your tattoo on your egg and follow directions of tattoos- Using a damp paper towel to adhere it to the egg as you would the skin

How to Make Cascarones

tattoed cascarones- fill eggs tattoed cascarones- cover cascarones

Using confetti glitter mix fill the egg from the bottom. Cover using 2 pieces of masking tape and done!

Make Decorative Chalkboard Eggs

decorative chalkboard eggs
So last year I found decorative plastic eggs at Walmart and I thought how cool! Not only are these safe for kids who are allergic to Eggs but also so easy to decorate eggs that won’t break! It’s a win win if you ask me. But this year I found not only the regular plastic eggs but now plastic chalkboard eggs. These plastic chalkboard eggs are so cool I had to put tattoos on them too! Especially because they are reusable so I can use them year after year.

Adhere the tattoos as you would on a regular egg but apply a little pressure and be very careful when removing the backing. Allow them to dry completely.

P.S. bet you didn’t notice both sets of eggs above are plastic eggs. Ya the eggs look that real! 

What is your favorite way of decorating eggs for Easter? 

Does your family make cascarones?

Pin our tattooed cascarones to your Easter board for later?

tattoed cascarones n decorative chalkboard eggs

walmart disclosure

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